Wordpress plugin for custom jewellery picker?

Hi everyone! I’m going crazy looking for the plugin of my dreams for this project, so I was wondering if any of you have come across something like this?

I want to make a custom jewellery builder. I want to start with the option to choose the material (gold / silver / rose gold / leather), then choose the jewellery item (necklace, bracelet, ring), then choose the feature (eg: pendant / charm / jewel). I’d like the interface to be visual, so no drop down boxes or check lists. I want people to be able to click a picture of their selection and move on to the next step. Once all steps are completed there should be a variety of products matching the user’s selection to pick from, so really it should narrow down infinite possible combinations into only a few.

Any ideas?? I’ve been googling like crazy: bundle generator, custom selector, all sorts of terms, none are close to what I’m looking for.

Thanks in advance :smiley:

You didn’t write in which CMS are you working your site

Hi jwarrmarketing !

I have looked into your requirements. It’s a custom wordpress plugin development request. Please forward your request at my profile via email and i will offer top notch effective solutions

Hey @Jwarrmarketing, based on your requirements I think I can help you find what you’re dreaming of :wink: You can try out Zuvoo. It’s not a typical plugin, but a web-based platform that lets you create your interactive jewellery finder.

To give you an idea about what you can achieve with Zuvoo, you can check out this Lashes Finder here.

Zuvoo product finders work just as you described - based on the selected answers, product finder narrows down the number of products, and at the end presents only matching ones. There’s also a free plan available. Hope this helps, cheers!