Wordpress Plugin/Code for accessing my Google Photos?

Hi, Envato market folks!

I am wondering if there is any good Wordpress Plugin that I can get/purchase to access to my Google Photo account and load my images from it, without having to re-upload my photos to Wordpress media archive.

Any suggestion? There were a few plugins which loads images from Google Photo, but UIs were outdated, and often they failed to load things in proper ways(i.e dates not in chronogical order, folders not divided, etc.)

Please help me gurus!

Have you tried this? https://en-gb.wordpress.org/plugins/photo-express-for-google/

You could just use the Google photo link if it’s only select images that you want to use?

I understand i could just use the links, but I would like to actually post the real images on my wordpress post, instead of mere hyperlinks!