wordpress plugin and folder structure

Does submitting a plugin have a specific folder structure? I wanna submit a small plugin on codeCanyon, do I have to observe folder structure while developing a Wordpress plugin?

when you will upload the the upload zip should contain a folder and within that folder should contain 2 required things:

  1. Documentation Folder
  2. Plugin zip (the zip which will used to install the plugin from wp-admin => plugins => Add New)

I mean inside the plugin, for example, assets, resources, classes, and …

Code Item Preparation & Technical Requirements:

@hamidroohany Check this one, it’s very popular - GitHub - DevinVinson/WordPress-Plugin-Boilerplate: [WordPress] A foundation for WordPress Plugin Development that aims to provide a clear and consistent guide for building your plugins.

@DeoThemes Thank you for your answer
But my question was about the rules and requirements, I mean, if I do it my own way, is it possible for the plugin to be rejected?

There are no requirements for this, you can totally do it your way.

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DeoThemes, thanks, it helped. Sometimes I wonder how those plugins affect on the wordpress site, and how much they can make a slowdown effect for the whole site. What can cause your wordpress site to be slow - this article helped to figure out what exactly was slowing down my WordPress site, and surprise surprise - there were too many old, outdated plugins on it.