WordPress Partnership [HTML > WordPress]

Hello Geeks, I’m looking for a WordPress Developer who can provide me a WordPress Theme. Please mail me with your profile on ThemeForest via my ThemeForest profile page.
Notes: You would have approved items on ThemeForest, otherwise please don’t contact me. For partnership only not for paid job or freelancer.

  • the percentage will be 50/50

  • we will upload the theme on our account.

We have recent new HTML items approved an need to convert to WordPress

With respect, I think you will need to be more flexible with your % and clear on who is responsible for support. updates etc. esp. if you want an experienced partner

The items (in this account) do not have particularly big sales and support for a WP theme is quite a bit more work

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thank you very much for your comment , what do you think about the percentage?

It really depends on what you can bring to the table at this stage. If you can support the item too then maybe 60/40 (new author benefit), if not then 70//30 in their favour as you are just providing the HTML template and not going to have to do anything else going forward.

You also need to consider tax % depending on what account is used etc.