WordPress Partnership for Approved HTML Template - Lorena

Hello everyone,

We are LahutaThemes and currently we are looking for WordPress developers who will convert it from HTML into WordPress Theme.
Lorena - Creative Black & White HTML Template

We are looking for developers who already have built a portfolio with WordPress Themes here in Themeforest.

Theme will be uploaded under this account, profits will be 60-40% in favor of developers. Support will be provided by the developer of the theme and money that comes from support will be given to them.

Should you have any other questions, please do let me know.




Anybody interested?

Hi mate. Do you read Forum? Your design is not actual in nowadays and reviewers won’t approve WP version in this design

Thank you for your reply.
We have been following latest approvals and we do not agree with you that the design is outdated as it is plain and you can really define whether design is trendy or not, it wasn’t trendy even at that time. If you go and check (even some best sellers), or your best selling theme it is way more outdated in design (in a sense that it was done few years ago), but that won’t define whether theme will sell or not.

Anyways, thank your for your comment, we appreciate that.

With respect @Monkeysan is right that regardless of outdated design or not, there is work to be done to get it up to the standards for WP.

Also - you are going to need to shift a fair bit on your % esp if the author has to support the item and given that 20 sales in 2 and a bit years really is not a huge volume to entice a potential developer.

Good luck

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Thank you @charlie4282, we understand that our job is not done yet and there are things that are needed to be improved in current version so it meets the standards for a WordPress theme. Our job is not done yet and we are ready to meet those standards after we find a developer for WordPress. Thus, considering that we have to work more on it, We do consider that 60% of the profits going to the WordPress developer + Support commission is quite a good deal.

Anyways, if we do receive a good offer from any of the developers here we are willing to negotiate.


Hi Charles,

We are Cooling window and we’re already working on WordPress themes and even we are working on a theme for Theme Forest. As you mentioned above, we’re are ready to work on the current version to meet those standards. We would like to discuss this opportunity further and discuss the possible ways to collaborate.

Hi CoolingWindow,

It seems like you have no WordPress theme yet in your portfolio in Themeforest, thus we won’t be able to cooperate this time.