Wordpress or HTML Videoplayer that disables seeking on mobile

hi there,
i’m looking for a video player, preferably as a wordpress plugin, that disables seeking. note that it also has to disable seeking on mobile devices!
an example can be found here -> https://www.online-hundetraining.de/
that sites uses EzPlayer but i think there could be a more reasonable priced solution.
i was looking around but couldn’t find anything that disables seeking on mobile devices. only on desktops. but that’s the key feature i’m looking for so hopefully you guys know something :slight_smile:
Thank you!


So do you what to stop Google from indexing the videos? Or people from searching for them on your site by making them private?


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Hi KingDog,
thanks for your reply.
well, i dont think that is necessary. it is not about protecting the video from being downloaded or indexed by google. it is basically a customer demand for marketing reasons. the viewer should be “forced” to watch the whole video instead of skipping to end, even on mobile devices.
Do you know / have a plugin / piece of code for that?

Ahh gotcha. You’re right, that may be difficult to find in a plugin since it’s a pretty bad user experience :smiley:

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