WordPress on Elements - Author Information

How it is gonna Work?

What I learnt from being with Envato since past 2 years?

This company loves to break things which aren’t broken!


They don’t fix things which really needs to be fixed!


that is the main reason why i have stop uploading new item here.

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Finally, we have a dead marketplace for WordPress. Now, ThemeForest deserves a place in the museum. :joy:


I think WordPress, Web Templates should not include in Envato Elements anymore. Only Fonts, Flyer, Brochure, all others print template, logo etc could be consider as Elements and where no need any customer support though…

But WordPress!!! You are gonna mess up the total things!! Please dont do that… keep the themeforest alive.



I would like to join. Can you send an Invitation?

wowo.:joy: Finally envato is becoming dead marketplace. ohh sorry envato is killing authors future… Oh no no envato earn Billion dollar but author will get cents. :rage:

Now quality level of envato is so much poor. Low price. Huge WP theme approved daily, 50%+ product low quality or copy concept. Huge HTML/PSD approve 50% copy concept with low quality.

A quality product also not get well sale. 2/3 weeks gets sale then become as usual. They have to marketing their product by his pocket money. As i saw, envato did not marketing authors product but element regularly.:yum:


Hi @jamesgiroux
Can you send me an Invitation?


I’m totally disagree with this decision. It’s totally bad idea ever think by Envato.

If Envato really loves its Author then never never take this type of decision.

Its starting the end of entire marketplace trust, quality, reputation.

Envato never ever take any consideration of Authors even if its elite or not.

Envato must note that you are in Top position just because of your Authors and now you are going to rush authors through Elements.

The current Elements Author just earn few $ from your earning calculation methodology of Elements.

@jamesgiroux - You are just saying that

Envato Hosted, Envato Studio services, item support renewals, affiliate revenue and now Envato Elements all present avenues for authors to maximize their earnings across Envato and build a recurring revenue stream.

This term is only satisfied for Power Elite Authors.


When wp authors get their first payout? After year?


Envato Elements already killed the HTML Templates category. Since then, a lot of low quality items were approved. Almost all new templates get 1-2 sales max. Which is madness :slight_smile:

Now, guess what, WordPress will become a dead category too :expressionless:


WP to Elements? And only for chosen/invited ones? It doesn’t smell right. Invited by who? God himself? Elements already took enough bread out of many author’s mouth here at TF so I just can’t believe Envato is about to take another bad move. That’s just horrible idea.


Let me jump in.

First of all, I would like to know about the statement that

This does not sound like any reports on forums from authors in for example HTML category. The main point here is do we actually trust Envato’s words on statistics without any proof. However I do realize that there is only a small % of authors reporting on forums, but still, it is a sample.

Generating additional earnings and growth of those earnings… now this is misleading at best… how much growth if that’s in average 0.1% per month well that’s a terrible stat and from some reports here, we can conclude that it’s just not worth it.

Interesting, you say when you add in is the main statement. There is a bit difference between an author that earns 10k or 1k on TF isn’t it. And did you calculate the loss of sales because of Elements and predict what could have been the overall growth, if that TF author would not leak sales to elements.

Now questions regarding the Elements:

  1. When will the payouts occur since you do plan to charge annually and until now Envato needed the whole pay cycle to finish before it can be calculated how big of a share anyone gets? (of course for Envato its all good you guys get your 50% right away)
  2. How do you expect any serious author here, for which Envato markets represent his “bread” to jump on board without any pricing plans?
  3. With the experience on elements were initial pricing was promised much higher than current $29, how can we trust your honest intentions on the pricings, you are just asking us to trust you despite the experience authors had?
  4. So if I understand correctly WP themes will not be a part of the current elements pricing structure, meaning there will be a separate subscription for WP?
  5. How will you manage the no support rule? For example, a client dl’s our theme and we decline support and then dl’s the competitor’s theme and they help him via email? By current record Envato is doing a terrible job at upholding the rules they set, we have to report even if this is not our job!
  6. How will the affiliates work, as this is still a big question? Currently, Envato advertising Elements all over the market violates our marketing effort and affiliates marketing efforts heavily.
  7. Certain themes have 1 demo, other 15 and some 100+, will this be managed, meaning the value of those themes?
  8. How will extortions be managed, meaning if a client buys additionally a license on TF and then exports authors because well he spent for a subscription already?
  9. How will refunds be handled, what if a subscriber is not satisfied and demands a refund, will this in any form be transferred to us (to be honest I do not see how you could but you never know with Envato)

I have tons of more questions but would go far too long :slight_smile:
Keep in mind that the notions “we are a private company, we can do whatever we want” is rapidly losing meaning, you are affecting many lives and it is just a matter of time when you start to pay the consequences.

And let me clarify WordPress on Envato Elements is a bad move and I am strong against it!



James Cameron finally announced “Titanic 2”. :wink:
(and this time there will be no survivors)


With all due respect, this is misleading number.


And, that’s NOT the point :wink:

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Amen to that. :slight_smile: All valid points and I agree with all of them.

Not really looking forward to autumn I must say …

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Way to go, more to come! :smile:

A marketplace that shouts…:
“The items you see here are worth NOTHING, we are giving them all for almost free”

What a great marketing strategy, right?


Well, let the serious authors speak for ourselves. He-he. As ThemeREX would gladly join.

Let me explain why. After all, we all forget that we owe a very big deal to Envato. Like it or not, we are all Envato-dependable. I know what I am saying - Envato gave us the opportunity to concentrate on doing what we love (making the quality product) instead of worrying about marketing. Let me be even more clear, we have not done anything in terms of marketing till this April. So we do owe all that to Envato and really think that they know better what they are doing in terms of revenue.

Now, some of the issues mentioned earlier:

a). I don’t think that Elements means poor quality. Envato means exactly the opposite. It is all about convenience for the customers, and the quality is a must-have when it comes to this. We’ll be proud if our products be in that “bundle” and we get reasonable compensation for that, as it once happened with Envato bundle we participated in. It would just be nice to have a clear formula available to everyone.

b). I agree that Elements might not be working for items like fonts or other items like that, but I do not think that it is that much of a concern for WP themes for a number of reasons.

First of all, it is only meant for people to get to know lots of products at once. Imagine how hard it is for a new customer to come and see all this abundance of various themes. Now, i think it will work mostly as a big gallery for people to choose from. Especially if Envato is going to encourage people to buy the items to get support.
And support is a big factor here. Most of the end-users need support, so they will go and get it.
Finally, we all have seen lots of bundle and plan pricing for WP themes, yet the business in thriving in the overall, so people need specific solutions, not just everything. It is like this endless fight between multipurpose themes and micro-niche themes. Why would someone how came for a Mushroom Farm get involved with customizing Avada instead of just getting our Mushroom Farm? Well, you know what I mean, products have to solve certain solutions.

Now, more to the support issue. We clearly understand that we might lose some of the old customers, who do not need our support, and I say some, because those who are loyal are going to be loyal no matter what, because no one will allow us to submit all of our themes to the Elements. So, we might lose a few of the older customers, but I believe we’ll get more of the new ones in return.

c). The last but not least. The statistics that confirms both aforementioned statements:

  • Envato indeed was growing since 2017 (and prior)
  • there was a dip in ThemeForest and WP sales after March. We have experienced that too.


After reaching the peak in March, we came back to the level of January. Here are the screenshots.


*images are the courtesy of Stattie and help a lot with some of the answers in terms of the overall trends.

Finaly thought:
It is a risky move, but we believe Envato knows what they are doing. We shall see what September will bring.