Wordpress Menu Depth requirements

Hello Dear Authors,

As I am currently developing a theme on my own I cam across a question where I cant find any answers.

Because I am building an UI/UX styled based theme with the main menu in the sidebar I would like to know if it is ok and allowed to limit the depth of the menu when I am willing to sell the theme. Or must all depths been showing ?

Dont understand me wrong I can make them showing correctly, but for me it looks quite too much for a sidebar menu.

Many thanks in advance.

The custom menu should be working fine as well as for the drop-down features. Consider to support the menu as it’s been working on the default WordPress theme

Just style first three or four levels, but don’t limit the depth in the code, at least not for your main navigation. It is ok to limit it to just one level for secondary menus like for example horizontal footer menu.

Okay I understand so I can‘t limit the depths in the main menu for my theme?
The point is everything is working fine but I in my opinion having 10 submenus in a sidebar styled menu isn‘t really good :confused:

It is not that you can’t, it is that you shouldn’t. Nobody is going to use 10 levels of navigation, just make sure it looks good to at least up to three levels.


Okay I understand thanks for your answer :slight_smile:
Have a nice evening.

In addition, Review would be using the demo data that would contain 10 levels of navigation at some sections ( such as Widgets ). You need to make sure it’d look good. If this is the case, you will get a soft rejection instead of hard and you will be asked to fix the problems

Nonsense, you certainly don’t have to style 10 levels of navigation. At last not uniquely. Everything can look the same after like level 4. But you shouldn’t limit it either (again, with the exception of stuff like custom footer menus and similar, where limiting the depth is ok).

I had the soft rejection back the time due to XX levels of the navigation was causing the spacing issue at some point - I had to reduce the spacing to get the approval.