Wordpress Learning Themes

I am developing an e-learning portal for instructors to share learning and assessment resources with students and would like to know which is the best wordpress theme for my requirements below:

  1. Provide free and paid digital learning resources
  2. Learning resources in multi-format: Video, Word doc, Excel, Powerpoint, pdf, etc.
  3. More than one resource to be able to be bundled per course
  4. Download resources/ view videos only if logged in
  5. View video directly from site
  6. Filter option to categorise resources by instructor, subject, price, grade, resource type
  7. Show all resources uploaded by single instructor if student is keen to access other material by same instructor
  8. Ability for instructor to create assessment section (paid or free) for learning resources
  9. Instructor to track students’ learning progress
  10. Individual discussion forum for every resource accessible only to enrolled students
  11. Provide sign up form to be an instructor
  12. All uploaded resources to be approved by admin before it can be viewed by users
  13. Responsive design on tablet, PC and mobile
  14. Google+, Facebook signup for users
  15. Social media plugin for users to share product uploads
  16. Users to review and rate products for public view

Do the templates also come with a free trial? Appreciate any feedback!