Wordpress integration and linking question

Hello community,

Sorry for the noob question … I am new to Wordpress.

I’ve run a large gaming community for about 8 years now, mostly through Xenforo forum software after switching from VBulletin back in 2011. While Xenforo forums are feature rich, the software lacks a very attractive ‘Home’ or landing page.

I’ve recently wanted to make our site more dynamic by adding features included in the Youplay and Godlike Wordpress themes.

My question is that if I use Youplay or Godlike, can I cross link or direct link certain calls to action buttons on the Wordpress homepage to pass through to a corresponding Xenforo page, and still be able to use other functions of Wordpress architecture.

For example, on the WP homepage, there would be a main navigation link to Forums. Can i set this to link to the Xenforo forums page that we currently use? And then from the WP homepage, still be able to use Store, Info, and other buttons as a function of WP.

I guess basically I’m asking if each call to action button in WP can be edited to link anywhere. Thanks!