Wordpress Gif to MP4 Conversion?


Just wondering if there is a script or if someone would be interested in making a plugin which upon a user uploading a gif it would convert it into an mp4.

HTML Video can load animated images much faster than traditional gifs.

Twitter for instance takes a gif uploaded and converts it into an mp4 and hides the controls so that it still appears to be a gif but loads much faster.


I’m interested in making a plugin like that. Ping me on skype: hydrozowa


Interesting discussion… and ironic how GIF has made a comeback.

This talks a bit about Twitter’s use of MP4s

The 80% file size reduction is kind of impressive. Perhaps it’s just me, but it seems like a little overkill.


Sounds interesting & also closely related to some of my current projects. I’ll check it out tomorrow. It won’t be a WordPress plugin, but a standalone product. If you don’t have root access to install software on your server (ex: FFmpeg, et al), then I recommend a transcoding service; you can easily find one via Google.