Wordpress frontend layout in "admin style" like e. g. metronic

Hey there,

right now I am looking for an opportunity to create a wordpress frontend that looks like this:

So, there are two elements, that I would need so see combined in my frontend output:

  • Fixed navigation on the left side with a logo on top
  • Sticky Header that remains on top all the time, also while scrolling down the pages

I had a look at WP Bakery (I also own a license) but from my understanding it can only influence the “main page” itself and not the major template of the whole frontend with sidebare and header.

So far, I am kind of “swamped” with the possibilites of templates on themeforest and worpress addons on codecanyon though I do not have a clue how to use these possibilities.

I would be glad if some one could send me a hint :-).

Thank you.

Best regards

Anyone having a hint for me?



Anyone who knows how to have the following two aspects covered in a frontend wordpress?

  • Sticky header
  • sticky sidebar including navigation

See explanations above.

Thank you!