Wordpress fatal error

Hello everyone,

I am encountering an annoying problem with my wordpress website.
I changed the theme, and one of my plugin doesn’t seem to be working properly.
Here is the page that use the plugin : https://www.soccerclub.be/reser-test

The error message is :
Fatal error: Cannot declare class wp_booking_calendar_public_setting, because the name is already in use in /home/soccercl/www/wp-content/plugins/wp-booking-calendar/public/class/settings.class.php on line 3

I don’t really understand what it means nor what to do… If someone has a guess on how to solve this problem this would save my life as I just spend a lot of time working on the new theme and really need this specific plugin to work.

Thank you,
Wishing you all a great day!

Either contact the author of the theme or author of the that Booking plugin. Depending which one you bought here.

Meanwhile, go to wp-content/plugins and remove (or just rename) “wp-booking-calendar” folder.

I have recently joined theme forest forum and seen your message. on the next moment i went to wordpress and seen your post.

I fix one small issue weekly for free.

Let me know if we can talk on skype and resolve your this issue.