Wordpress Earthmoving equipment theme

I am looking for a Wordpress Earth Moving Hire Equipment theme but nothing comes up in Envato for that search. Any suggestions please?

It’s a quite a specific niche, so unlikely you’ll find anything. But the majority of hairdressing, cookery, or salmon fishing themes …can easily become earth moving equipment themes, just by changing the logo, images and text!


Hmm … salmon fishing. I’ll take a look at that. Thank you

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Also, I do find with some clients that they find it hard to visualise what their particular business will look like online and if there is relevant content already on a demo the sales process can be smoother.

Out of interest what does an ‘earth moving equipment’ WordPress theme look like?

What features or functionality do they have?

Unfortunately I am pretty sure you are going to struggle to find demo content based on that.

It’s graders and rollers and front end loaders etc.

This sort of equipment

That would be quite straightforward to compile with the right content and styling.

I’d suggest looking through this category https://themeforest.net/category/wordpress?sort=date&term=construction as some might have the right look and feel at least

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http://www.djavaweb.com/selector.php?theme=billio specifically http://www.djavaweb.com/selector.php?theme=billio-heavy-equipment

Plenty to work with now Charlie. Thank you very much for your assistance.