WordPress - Directory / Listing Theme for One Type of Industry

Hi There,
I’m looking for a WordPress Theme for a ‘Directory’ or ‘Listing’ site for a single industry.

I have purchased ListingPro and after chatting with their tech support, I don’t think I chose the correct theme.

I am building a site for Drive-In Theaters (the one industry - with no categories) . Ideally, it would geo/ip locate the closest one and then list it on the front page. From there, you can search for others in different areas.

In the navigation or below in ‘buttons’ or tabs, you can click on the country (USA, Canada, England, Spain…etc). Once you click on the country it will then list what is in that city.

Page structure would flow like this.
Home --> Country -->State/Province --> City …then list the drive-ins for that city.

I’ve looked through the theme directory listings but can’t seem to find one that would work to suit a ‘single industry’.

Any help or direction to a theme like this is appreciated.

Thank you