Wordpress developer with proven record


We are looking for a team or individual to work with us on a upcoming wordpress theme. Only candidates with proven record will be considered


I’m responding to your ad for a web developer.

I’m the Creative Director of a 3-person company that specializes in custom WordPress websites.

With our 3 people you get a coordinator, designer and programmer, each with specialized talents that result in a great sites.

We are extremely conscientious about the design and programming of the sites we create. We’re very well organized and NEVER miss a deadline. We are problem solvers. And we are reasonably priced!

Generally, we quote everything in advance and we STICK to our pricing without fail.

We never stop working - we’re accessible at all times.

To help you evaluate our services, you may be interested in seeing samples - we have many on these pages of our website:
Mobile websites:

We can work hourly at $60/hr. or, as in most cases, we quote projects in advance once we’ve had a discussion about the depth of the site. Our site prices start around $1,200 and go up to about $8,500.

If you have interest in a no-obligation brainstorming discussion about the work you need, call me toll-free, 1.800.849.3056. Eastern time 8:30 - 5:00.

References sent upon request. Over 25 years in business.


Dan ODonnell
Creative Director

Direct Axis, LLC
2005 Kinvara Dr
Pittsburgh, PA 15237


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Nice message :slightly_smiling:

Still open, Please PM me.

Which theme, may I ask?

I can work with you

email: support@jkthemes.com
skype: themedune