WordPress Church Theme - Feedback

I am looking for feedback on a new WordPress Church Theme I’ve designed before submitting it to Theme Forest. The theme is called the “Restore Church Theme”.

You can view the demo here:

And watch the setup video to see how it all works and how to customize it here:

Thanks a lot!

I’d take another look on typography. It’s the most important part of the web design and I can’t feel you have a system for the font weights/sizes established.

  • Ministries boxes aren’t clickable.
  • Inner pages are too basic and not convince me to read it.

Do not over-size simple icons that were designed to be used in small size. They look too ugly to be so huge.

Good luck with your project!

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Much appreciated! I will re-visit the typography and make sure it all follows a more systemized approach.

For the inner pages, I was going for a basic approach because usually those pages ARE super boring because they are too intense. This gives people (especially churches in this case) a way to fill in their information in a way this is not 8 solid paragraphs of text to just have people TL;DR. Thoughts?

For the icons, would you just go smaller with them or replace them entirely. If you’d replace, what would you replace that area with? An illustration perhaps? I have seen this style of design on many sites to help separate their content. Just trying to get a feel for what you might do instead. Thanks!

And thanks for your helpful feedback - much appreciated!

Great to see when designer is open for critics.

If you want to make good sales you need to come with great layout options for inner pages, so they don’t look boring. Just imagine yourself as a random visitor of the local church website. Page layout and flow should be inviting to scan if not read. I’d not just do left text + icon on the right, right text + icon on the left but divide the page to meaningful sections. If I want to find when is the Sunday school for my children I should be able to accomplish it in a single click and minimum time.

As for icons, just find the icon set with thin strokes and small elements, so it looks ok when enlarged. Illustrations are better in any case, even if you design them on your own.

My advice, find in Google the list of the 20 biggest churches in US and UK. Find their websites and browse it for a whole evening or two till you absorb all the styles and content ideas they use. Then do your own design while all these example are still in you head. This way you will design website for church like a pro who already created a few designs for this niche in the past. Do your homework.

All the best!