Wordpress Church Membership with Relationship Options

I’m working on making a wordpress site for a friends church. They would like to use user registrations as their directory for the people going to the church. The issue is, they need a feature that can tie multiple users to a family tree of sorts, while also allowing the export user information to csv that will contain their addresses, etc.
For example, when you’re making or editing your profile, you can choose from a list of other people and set them as your “Mother” or “Uncle”, etc. I am having difficulties finding something that can do this.

I’ve looked at UserPro and Ultimate Membership Pro. They both have every feature I would need, except I don’t see a way to allow users to set relationships to other users. Instead, we would need to manually create groups for each family and even then it wouldn’t have the relationship information between those grouped users.

Any help or suggestions is greatly appreciated.