Wordpress calendar that syncs with iphone/ipad etc


Hi guys,
i have my own business and i take a lot of calls for treatments. I use my ipad/iphone to book these telephone customers an appointment, but i would also like to have a booking system on my website.

My question is: Does the world wide web or Codecanyon hold such a plugin that can sync my iPhone calendar with my WordPress bookings?

A call comes in, and Sarah books an appointment for Teeth Whitening on Tuesday

Internet user wants to book that day/hour online but can see that the appointment they wanted is not available - so they look for a new date/time.

Thank you in advance


I don’t think the iCloud calendar has an open API so it’s not doable. But you can sync the events on your iPhone with the Google Calendar and that would be doable in a WordPress calendar.


Thanks for the reply, do you recommend a plugin to handle this?


In Calendar on your Mac/iPhone you can subscribe to a iCal feed. So all you need is a calendar that lets you “export” a iCal. Self promotion is not really allowed in the forum, but checkout the WordPress Calendar section. :slight_smile: