Wordpress - "brad page builder" in my theme will not allow/show my photos from the media library

hello! looking for help on an existing site of mine. I downloaded a theme and the “brad page builder” will no longer allow me to showcase images, i.e. the screenshot above. All my plugins are up to date, but my wordpress is not…not sure if this would effect it or not though. Please lmk if anyone has any advice!


If this is you item problem then you can contact with your item author here:

With purchase key:

Your item have six month support if support expire then hire a freelancer from Envato Studio

Hope your issue will solved.


The author no longer supports my theme unfortunately.

updating WP would be the obvious first step BUT if the author does not support the theme anymore then it may be that doing this creates other issues. Unfortunately this is difficult to predict.

The alternative is to look on www.studio.envato.com to find a freelancer to help.

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