WordPress Blog Travel Theme soft rejected

Hi all,

We need again your help regarding our new WordPress blog theme.
Can you advice as what to change for a new better version of blog?

We wanted to be clean as it is, because is blog, we wanted to be simple not with many colors and other stuff, but i see that reviewer don’t like it .


  1. Design is just too bland and almost looks unfinished in certain areas. I am afraid we are now only proceeding with a full review on items that really stand-out and have been carefully crafted.

  2. Any incomplete, not prime-ready, outdated or bland themes will be hard rejected. You are simply reserving the queue with your submission and creating a review delays. This applies to conversions as well! Major improvements are required!

Personaly, i like your theme, it’s quite minimal and clean. However, i would make my own changes and do a lot of polishing on details.

Here is my personal advice :

  • Attach MUCH more attention to details: color nuances, borders, box shadows, border radius etc…
  • Site header hero isn’t really sexy, too basic. The logo looks generic and doesn’t bring anything.
  • Typography is not bad for a start, but i think you can do better
  • Monument icons are blurry on hover when the tooltip pops out, use svg instead
  • We are confused by the color scheme, we can’t tell what exactly it is. That brings confusion to your design. I’d suggest less colors, 1 or 2 at most, but with lots of nuances, like in material design guidelines
  • Parallax is missing, it’s quite standard nowadays, you could use it for a mid page background section to add some more dynamic feel to the page
  • Image hover effects look unfinished as well as overlay captions. This still needs a lot of css.
  • There are spacing and alignment issues, regarding TF standards
  • The layout could be more creative with different widths and heights for the posts, like a masonry grid for example. It’s quite boring for now

I think i’ll stop here, there is still more. However, i think you made some nice work. It’s just that it’s not finished. You need to polish it with a lot of css and a bit of js, to provide a better browsing and reading experience, since it’s a travel blog. You should also pay a particular attention to photos, because you talk about travels. For the moment, there is nothing special in the story you’re telling. Until there, you will get rejected.

Just keep up the good work. I hope i could help you a bit.


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Thanks. @cssninjaStudio

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Thanks for help.
Theme is aprouved