Wordpress Biometric collation Template

Good Day.

please i need a word press template that can collect customer Bio metrics and passport with user details and save in database.
your inputs would be deeply appreciated.


Anything like that would need serious customisation and even then WordPres sis NOT the right platforms for securing data like that - there are a lot of behind the scenes security considerations that you need to think about.

thanks charlie please can you profer solutions to this application?

It’s no really something I am familiar with but while you could build a site which captures data and store sit on a database easily - there’s almost certainly specific software or platforms for it but that the costs would be absolutely huge given the sensitivity of the information and the potential legal implication if you were to lose it.

Collecting biometric information online may not be legal in some countries but for that you will have to have more secure system rather than WordPress or CMS as @charlie4282 suggested. You need to spend serious money to secure the system and it’d be a custom job

Many thanks i really appreciate