WordPress Auto Installation Script


We had an institution in which we need a software which can automatically create WordPress websites in a click of a button for students to test WordPress functions.

Is that something anyone looking for?


I’m not sure what you’re trying to communicate, but thanks for your reply.

All that you can find yourself on Google. It is not hard to read instructions step by step on Wordpress site.

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Good to know that.

But when you have to install a specific theme and do specific steps on site like import a specific sample pages on your site, all of this atleast twice every hour, I don’t think its worth doing it manually.

Or did you find something already which does the above? I would be thrilled to know that.

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

Some questions:

  1. What server will be running? ( NGinx, Apache )
  2. What specifications needed? Do you want for example to preinstall themes and plugins?

You tell me :slight_smile:
I’m here to develop this, not looking for someone to develop this.