Wordpress 5.0 - review of expectations

Hello, community:wink:
After the new editor Gutenberg was released everyone started to talk about the next version of Wordpress 5.0. So I want to talk with you about what should we expect from it.
Lets take a look on top features that might come with the new version.


There are many talks that new editor will move the Wordpress absolutely to the next level. It will have new powerfull feature with editing the posts via the new editor. But, unfortunately today Gutenberg has a really small rating, at the moment it has just 2.8 from 5 stars. You can try it right now from the Wordpress plugin repository. There are some useful links


So, we will hope with the new version the situation will be better))

New security level

Any security issue can be fatal for the business owner. That's why its improvement is necessary in version 5.0 as well. There were some REST API issues that appeared in 2017. To prevent any attacks on your site, WordPress recently introduced many security features. For example, it recommends hosting with SSL certificates, two-factor authentication and other ways to make your site more secure. Nevertheless, much remains to be done. And since everyone expects that the release of the fifth version will be a historical event, security will definitely be part of the list of innovations.

Mobile communitation

What do we want to receive? The ability to edit and maintain the site through the admin on our smartphone:grinning:. In fact, the biggest step to this is the implementation of Gutenberg. Of course, this is not about technical maintenance of the site. I am talking about the fact that creating, managing and editing content on mobile phones should be simple. When you can manage content on the go, what can be more convenient?

Easy to use for everyone

Simplifying WordPress for newbies is one of the most important updates, I think. A new editor with an intuitive design, the ability to manage content and pages in the style of "Medium" ー is what many authors want. The best you can wish! Of course, content is the main think in the Wordpress, but developers definitely need to work on simplification and other technical issues that users have to implement using some plugins, such as setting up SEO.

And in the end I just want to say, that I am really waiting the new Wordpress release. Wish to play with it)) And what do you think about it?
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