Woozone plugin showing error

How do I delete the statistic (import stats) after deleting them from products? I don’t want 20 products showing in the import stats when I have deleted them from products.

And any product that I try to import shows an error of - “Duplicate Product Detected” highlighted in yellow.

The methods I am using to import the products are - (1) logging into amazon.in website and following the woozone stipe on the top left corner of the Amazon website and then click on the import button that looks like an arrow in the cloud. Typically I click on installing the option that has “import several variants” (if the product has any).

(2) The other method I use is to go to WordPress admin - woozone plugin - import products - select my country - department - keyword - search - import the product I want to - choose specific category - spin article and then finally import it.

I don’t know what could be replicating the products as I import them only once. And that seems to be the issue with all the products I import.