Woomedia Fedex Shipping method for woocommerce I need help!

I bought 3 plugins from this vendor and luck have it they do not work as expected. The vendor is not responding to my support requests.

The UPS, after some tinkering around, I finally made it work. But the Fedex is giving me rates that are too low. All my credentials are correct. The plugins do not support Shipping Classes and creating boxes don’t seem to help. Can anyone help me through this? I’m in the US. All dimension, prices, weights are entered and are in inches and lbs.

The USPS only gives me Priority Mail. Again I have to look for answers somewhere else. Thanks in advance for anyone who can help me.


Ah! I will ask medical courier Dallas about it. I just took their service and am pretty much in love with it. They are fast and offer some of the very good deals. I once opted for their same day delivery service and it was mind-blowing. I am sure they will have an answer for all your queries.