WOOHOO! Envato Elite!!!



Hello Envato team and community! Finally I became an Elite author! I really want’s to say thanks to all of you, for supporting me all this two years.
I started to make music for audiojungle in 2015, and my life complete changed after that. Two of my tracks on the top list now and one is featured by Envato team. I think i was really lucky, and it makes me feel that i have to work more!
I love to make music and traveling, and here i found the greatest possibility to combine this two. Now I’m in Shanghai, China. After few days i’ll be in Beijing, want to see a Great Chinese Wall, hope it crazy cool! Next day i’m going to Bali :slight_smile: for a few weeks, where i will continue make music for AJ, and i really happy for that. On the way to home, i want visit Thailand, because it’s really on the way :). I still can’t believe that is happening to me.
So, this is my small plan for a next few weeks. I know that there is a big community in Indonesia, and i will be really glad to meet there with colleagues, please, write me if you there. Will share some tricks and just have a fun.


Congratulations! Sounds like you’re having a great time. I’d love to see the Great Wall one day :smiley:


Hey , I happy for you , and wish you to stand PowerElite author )))




Congratulations ! After 2 years it is fantastic success. Keep going.


Congratulations! Excellent pastime. It’s good to use your music to fulfill your dreams :slight_smile:


Congratulation @OctoSound :tada: Good luck for more sales :slight_smile:


Wow…love your tunes @OctoSound !!! Keep inspiring all of us!!!


Awesome accomplishment @OctoSound! Congratulations :tada:


Wowwww that’s quite fast for reaching the elite, congrats!! :tada:
I’m from Indonesia, living in Yogyakarta. You should really visit Yogyakarta too! :wink:


Congratulations dude!!!




Congratulations @OctoSound! Well done!


Congratulations octosound…


It’s an amazing result for just two years!


Congratulations @OctoSound!! If you come in one of your travels to Spain, visit us!!


Congratulations! Awesome news!!!


Congrats! Well deserved! You’ve got some top-notch tracks in your portfolio! :sunglasses:


Congratulations! :+1:


Congrats, @OctoSound!!! :champagne: :birthday: Awesome result! :+1: