Woodmart theme and WooCommerce/Recaptcha

I installed a plugin to add Recaptcha to my WooCommerce Login and Registration.

It works fine for Login but not on Registration.

According to the plugin author Woodmart is doing some odd/non-standard things with the WooCommerce login/registration.

“The captcha plugin uses the standard register_form action and registration_errors filter to achieve the display and checking. So whatever they’re doing with javascript is not aligned with that approach to modifying the form.”

My questions are why and how do I fix this or is there another way to add Recaptcha to registration in particular in WooCommerce that will work with Woodmart?


How to contact an author hope they will help you out from your issue.


That is not my question. I already have Woodmart and want to add Recaptcha but the author appears to have done something non-standard.

So that is why I am posting here in case others have run into this and have found a solution.

I have done the comment as well but if anyone else knows about this it would be appreciated.

I think your item author is most of expert their won item he will guide you best

OK I have posted there too