Woocoomerce template header cant be changed

Hi dear,

I am facing an issue after setting my woocoomerce plug in in my website. I have generated the woocoomerce pages templates from the plug in and started to set my shop and products.

However in the generated templates, the header behind the main menu is white (although it should not be white). attached is the photo

I was looking for the place where i could changed the header but it seems locked and cant be changed.

but the stange thing that I have generated (5) pages templates from woocoommerce plug in and some have my right header and some has thw white header. the pages are:

  1. Shop page - White header (image attached)
    2- Product view - White header (image attached)
    3- Cart page - Right header (image attached)
    4- Checkout Page - Right header (image attached)
    5- Order placed Page - Right header (image attached)

(1) shop

(2) cart

(3) checkout

(4) product view

(5) cart

can you help please to fix this

Hello @teeb1990

Please contact the author of the item for support. They will be able to assist.

Here’s how you can do that:

hi dear,

can you help to me clear out my inquiry for the author, he seems confused although everything is clear to him, but he keeps asking questions about he needs more clarification.
can you help to tell me what should i tell him exactly, i am using my simple words because i dont know the right technical words.

No need to stress much about the technicalities, just explain the issue in your own words: “i.e. I don’t what a white header. I want it black on all pages.” It should be pretty clear for the author. (That was just an example, you should formulate another one based on your needs)

It is normal for the author to ask you questions. The author will be able to give you the exact solution, but they (the author) must have all the information to do so.

Also, don’t shy away from sending them screenshots as well! A picture tells 1000 words, I’m sure they’ll work with you to solve this problem.