WooCommerece Error on Theme Review

We are working with a WooCommerece Item for Theme Submission.

On our theme we got this type of error report : Screenshot by Lightshot from reviewer.

We checked with different environment but can’t re-produce the issue on our end. Like 3/4 people trying to find the error. We request reviewer for more clarification but didn’t get proper answer 2nd time.

Our Trouble shooting process:

  • Checked PHP version 7.0.33 to 7.4.1
  • WooCommerce All 5 version
  • WordPress all 5 Version.

Can anyone have clue how to debug to get the error.

If you could share the full section, maybe we could suggest something but it’s hard to say anything right now. Half of the code is not visible

@ki-themes thanks for the reply. The screenshot is the final from reviewer. If we get the full screen we can fix it also. I think someone has the similar review for WooCommerece theme, so raise the issue in forum.

The solution is now to request the reviewer 2nd time to share the full screenshot. Thanks again.