woocommerce variable produt not working

i tried to make variable product but when am adding variable its not loading ,and its not working properly.
After Clicking on custom variable and add it take loading time ,nothing happen…
kindly support.
thank you

The best solution you can have is to contact the author he may help you, and that will also help him solve this issue for future buyers.

Hi theme,
I have polaris theme with Ultimate Addons for Visual Composer. I just updated WooCommerce and have the same issue. If I deactivate Ultimate Addons for Visual Composer, Woocomemmerce variables working perfectly.

I found a solution that must be done by the developer of Ultimate Addons for Visual Composer:

WooCommerce 3.0 uses Select2 v4 due to the many fixes and enhancements added since Select2 v3. This version is however incompatible with v3.

If a plugin/theme loads the old Select2 v3, there will be a conflict and you’ll see an error in your console such as this:
Error: Option ‘ajax’ is not allowed for Select2

Functions that rely on JavaScript may be broken as a result. To fix, disable the plugin/theme loading the old version of Select2 and contact the author.

To check the error console, in Chrome go to View > Developer > Javascript Console.
Developers/theme authors should read this to make products compatible:

Where can I adress to fix this error?