WooCommerce: User based "Quick/Custom/Bulk" order page?

Hi. I have a WooCommerce site that sells bulk apparel. Our users are looking for an easy way to re-order a specific list of items instead of having to manually add/search/confirm every time. Many of our clients order the same stuff (for their clients) quite frequently, who have many clerks and want to be consistent and avoid issues with their orders.

Ideally, the plugin would add a place under “My Account” for instance where users can create “custom” orders that include various items/variants from the site, which then gives them the ability to immediately order these custom and bulk items within a few clicks.

Unfortunately I have not been able to find such plugin. I know it’s a long shot, but I’m hoping anyone knows if such thing exists.


Unfortunately I have not been able to find such plugin???


That is not a problem to make custom solution for you if you have some budget. You will not find out of box plugin.


Yes this is something we’d liketo have too!!


I can create this for you within 2 days time.