WooCommerce Upsell Plugin



Hey All…

Can anyone recommend a great Up-Sell plugin that works with WooCommerce?

I’m not talking about the current ‘up-sell / cross-sell’ features that come with WooCommerce, just trying to find other systems that allow you to do more on the cart page before checkout…

Any links or recommendations would be greatly appreciated.


I would recommend Woocommerce 1 Click Upsell Funnel Pro by MakeWebBetter
It has features like

  • Multiple funnels can be created with the offers of your own choice,
  • Secure payment transaction without asking customers for card/account details again,
  • PayPal Integration. Stripe Integration, Cardcom Integration,
  • Retains your store customers by showing funnel offers and give them a better shopping experience
    and Many more

Give it a Try, you wont regret.