Woocommerce Theme suggestion for shop with many main categories



Dear theme developers, I am looking for a woocommerce theme for a shop with many main categories. The shop is now in oscommerce and will be migrated to woocommerce. Please have a look at https://www.dezilverwinkel.nl to have a look at the current store and get an idea about the main category issue and the business site of the shop.

Thank you



Please check these theme:

You can ask any of your pre-purchase query going through Theme details page then comments tab and post your query in comments. Theme Author will answer your query.




Template don’t have nothing with many categories in Woocommerce. You know that you cant migrate Oscommerce to Woocommerce automatically that you need all that by hand?


Hi Zacc,

Thanks for responding. The migration of data is already covered by me. So I have a datawise functioning Woocommerce site (on my test server).

I don’t understand your remark about “Template don’t have nothing with many categories in Woocommerce.”. Do you mean that the number of product categories is not an issue when selecting templates? That could be, but I am looking for a template that looks like the https://www.dezilverwinkel.nl site So have the complete list of product categories and sun categories on the left side of the main content. And then when it comes to responsive behavior have the product categories menu available in a hamburger menu or filter when viewed on mobile devices.

Best regards,

René de Ruyter


Woocommerce will handle categories and template dont have nothing with that. But my advice is to take some light template. You can find today huge templates with so many options an users are not use 10% from all that.
Maybe is better to take some deafult template from WP and on that template make whole webshop.


Hi Zacc,

Ah, I think I understand . I think you say categories and templates are not related to each other, since categories are handled by woocommerce and not by the templates.

Okay. But I am especially interested in the responsive behavior. And then I think templates will have an effect on hoe category lists are displayed.

With the default storefront theme, the product categories (while being put in the left sidebar) will show under de main content when viewed on a mobile device like an iphone. What I want to have that product category sidebar info to be available as a top menu of filter box, i.s.o. having that list under the main content.

So I am looking for a template or maybe plugin that has that responsive behavior. So have the complete product category list available left of the main content on normal screens and have that list unexploded in something like a hamburger menu or filter menu above the main contents.

Best regards,

René de Ruyter



Today every template is responsive, I didn’t see one which is not responsive. There is plenty different templates and you can choose what is suite to you. Or hire someone who will made site for you and you can just copy content .