WooCommerce Theme for shop with less than 20 products

I am building a shop for a local Firewood company.
It will be a simple shop with the following pages
Home (with products on it)
About Us
Contact Us

I need a theme that isn’t built for large eCommerce sites with all the filtering and categories or a million menus etc. Just something simple.

Can anyone recommend?


In that case you can use any template for e commerce. There is no templates build ed for plenty items and template for small amount of items.
If you don’t need filters don’t put it.

Collective works great for your needs - https://themeforest.net/item/collective-minimal-wordpress-theme/16956348

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Thanks Kubi, I do like the look of this one. I have bookmarked it as a promising one.

1st option is to get html template that will fit your needs and apply it as your own theme.
2nd option download any theme that will fit your needs and start cuting (always use child when you use theme.)

hi snuffybg

What do you mean by ‘cuting’ and ‘child’?

Sorry I am normally a Shopify shop builder. WordPress/WooCommerce is all new to me.