WooCommerce Store Demo Images (Fashion and Clothing)

Hi everyone!

I posted a thread about this on the old forums some time ago, but sadly it went down after 3-4 replies:

So this is my second try to make a discussion over it, I believe it will be useful for a lot of authors.

So here is the thing… nearly 90% of the Woo bestsellers use model images. I spent a lot of time trying to find stock images to use for the same purpose. No luck at all.

I’m inviting all authors that manage to find relevant images for fashion and clothing themes - please share your experience! Here are some examples of themes that use that kind of assets:



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Most of the fashion images I have seen in theme demos lately have been taken from ASOS. One item on the front page right now even uses an ASOS image as the item thumbnail…

Thanks for the input. Do you think they contacted ASOS to request permission or perhaps got it from the original source (if different)?

I find it unlikely anyone has asked permission to use the images and if they have asked I don’t see why ASOS would allow them to because the images are not being used to promote the clothing in the image or ASOS itself. But of course I could be wrong.

I was thinking about that before though. Some retailers might be interested in granting permission in exchange of providing a link/hook to their actual product. That way if a customer feel like checking the actual item while browsing your theme, they will be able to do that. On the other hand, I’m not quite sure this is fine with Envato’s TOS regarding item previews (as it’s clearly a 3rd party advertisement).

I had contacted asos long time ago and they are not happy to let us use them :frowning: Can’t find their email now