Woocommerce sorting, page number dropdown removal

Can anyone help me? I have read where there needs to be a way to edit product sorting drop down in the woocommerce product pages. Has Envato tackled this one yet? Or ar there any newer work arounds? Thanks

What exactly would you like to achieve?

Kriszta, Thanks for getting back. I am using Avada theme to build my site and have installed woocommerce for the store. On the product pages there is a set of drop down boxes for sorting + arrow + Number of items per page + 2 more I don’t know what they do. I want to remove the entire group. There is a plugin available to remove just the sorting drop down but not for the whole set. I have read that this is due to Avada and it will not be possible for me to remove it. Can you help me with this as it is very distracting and will force me to go with another shopping cart that I don’t like. Thanks Lou

Could you provide a link of Avada demo page you are talking about?

Kriszta, Here’s a link https://louwor1.dreamhosters.com/shop/

It’s the thing in white above my product photo. Thanks Lou

I had it as private just made it public just in case you couldn’t see it.

I meant please provide:
(Please keep in mind that posts are public and do not share personal detils)

And you can always ask for support from the theme author in case you are still within the supported time period.

Anyway, have you started to build your website with installing any of the demos? This is the easiest way to start with.

I am using Avada classic I think, but I have not loaded any of the demo pages. Will the problem resolve if I use one of the demos you show?

I can see that you are some kind of newbie (so sorry if not). I am pretty sure you are going to avoid tons of problems starting with a demo installed.
Please keep in mind that if you install a demo right now, all your work you have done before will be lost.

Why is it good to install a demo?
Your website will look exactly the same as you can see it on the demos of the Avada theme.
You just have to change text and photos, adjust the menu items and you are done.
You delete the pages and parts of the website you do not need.
And you might also add some more pages if you need.

I do not know how much work you have already done, but I still suggest to start all over again and install a fresh WordPress, a fresh Avada and install a demo.

There are shop pages provided by default where sorting options are not used at all at the top of page (e.g. here). With importing a demo, you can choos which kind of pages you would like to use.

  • How to install a demo? - have a look here
    (remember to click on the big green Accept button in order to watch the video)

  • How to import single (individual) pages? - have a look here

  • More questions? - full Avada documentation here
    really simple to use, really clear documentation!

Carefully choose which demo you like the most in all aspects and start with importing that demo . You just have to tailor it to your needs.

Consider if you would like to choose to proceed this way. Just let me know here :slight_smile:

I reinstalled wordpres and avada and woocommerce and the same thing is happening on the product page. I did try to find wp plugin to fix this here was what it said:

Please note that if you use the Avada theme, this plugin will not work. This theme incorrectly hardcodes WooCommerce sorting options, rather than allowing them to be changed by plugins, so our plugin cannot work until this theme fixes its sorting option handling

So you have found a plugin that dos not work with Avada as you wish. Instead of using plugins, try to achieve your desired look without using third party plugins. You have so much more other ways to do that.

And why don"t you choose the kind of shop page that already comes without all those drop down options by default?
E.g. this one here just shows nothing on top of the products.

Or try to use shortcodes as explained here.

And in case you do not have too many products to show, you can build your own page with showing desired products. You can read about elements here.

You can even use Fusion Builder Library to save and reuse desired pages or containers, columns and even individual elements for future use. Here you are an article including a video explaining it.

And you can try to dig into Avada documentation here and Fusion Builder documentation here. There is even a search field and the documentations are really good.

I bought this theme because it said no coding necessary! Build a site quickly! I think this is up to you people to remedy this situation. I don’t have the time to learn all that is required to change this. Why can’t you fix this issue?

Please understand that this is a public forum here, we are not support team here. We help in our spare time and try to make others happy, because we like this marketplace.
You really do not need to have coding knowledge to build your site.
Find a page in the demo you like the most and use that page.
In case you need even more help, contact the support of theme Avada and they will guide you. You can even drop a line in the comments section and they will even guide you how to get the support.