Woocommerce social share cart for coupon code

We’re interested in a Wordpress/Woocommerce plugin to mimic Amazon’s social share shopping cart functionality.

After payment is processed, the user should be taken to a page with the offer to get a coupon code if they share their shopping cart. The messaging that gets shared should be something like “I just purchased [product names ] from [store name]!” With a featured image of (one of) the products.

User should be able to share via facebook, twitter, and email.

We know there are similar plugins out there already but they don’t meet the exact requirements. They either have negative reviews stating they no longer work, or they only share the product page or offer a coupon if a specific facebook PAGE is liked. We’re after sharing the cart contents with enticing messaging being shared across the social platforms.

Here’s the amazon example (apologies for poor photo quality, the client doesn’t know how to screenshot):

Let us know if this is something you can help with. Thank you!

Why will anybody after buying share ? To me is logical before buying you can give client some discount as reward for sharing.

Hi, thanks for your reply. The sharing incentive would give the customer a coupon for their next purchase. As mentioned, this is the behaviour on the Amazon shopping cart and this functionality is what our client is looking for.