Woocommerce Questions




I will soon be starting an ecommerce website for a client. They will need a standard shop area for people like us to buy bottles of wine or a box of wine so this is standard. Where it gets tricky and the reason why i’m contacting you is they want 2 wholesale login areas for restaurant owners and off licenses and within these 2 areas clients can buy wine in bulk all at different prices, is this possible? So, to recap - in the restaurant client area boxes of wine will be £112 per box and in the off license area the wine will be £167 per box. The key is that each section is separate. when clients sign up they will need to be approved before buying, is this possible?

My client also has a Sage accountancy programme where they do all their accounts, stock take etc. Is there a plugin that will link woo and Sage together?

I look forward to hearing from you.

Many thanks


The beautiful thing about using WordPress and WooCommerce is you can do whatever you want. You’ll want to engage a wordpress developer that can either a) modify the theme or b) create a plugin to handle this for you.

Microlancer is a good place to start :smile: