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I am wondering how can I can change the number of products that appear on the webpage?

I have tried to go to Theme Options>WooCommerce>Widget Product Tag Limit and change the number, but it is not working.

I have also tried Appearance> Product Archives> and change the number of Product Columns & Products per page, but it doesn’t work either.

Any recommendations?




As i understand you want to increase / decrease the no of products that are displayed in shop page right ?
if so then please add the below code in your themes functions.php

Note: This is a Developer level doc. If you are unfamiliar with code/templates and resolving potential conflicts, select a Developer for assistance.

add_filter( 'loop_shop_per_page', 'new_loop_shop_per_page', 20 );

function new_loop_shop_per_page( $cols ) {
  $cols = 9;
  return $cols;

Just change $cols = 9 to any value you prefer.

Eg if you want to display 12 products per page then change the value of $col to 12 ($cols = 12)

More detailed documentation @ https://docs.woocommerce.com/document/change-number-of-products-displayed-per-page/

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Thanks that solved my problem!

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