WooCommerce Product specific email attachment

I’m looking for a WC Plugin that will allow me to send specific emails of their confirmation of order email with a specific pdf attached for that product. Anything out there already?

I buy a product and the full info sheet of that product is attached to the processing order email sent to the customer.


This is an old request but I’m looking for the same thing. Do you know any?
I have a Tours & Tickets website and I want to send the tickets (or any other file) within confirmation email.


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I am looking for this as well. There has to be something out there.


Yes, you can upload multiple attachments like Images, documents, videos and many more by Product Attachment.

WooCommerce Product Attachment


  • Multiple attachments can be added

  • Attachments can be downloadable in the Order details OR Product Detail pages.

  • This Attachment is set status(Pending payment, Processing, On hold, Completed, Cancelled, Refunded, Failed) after that match this status then auto enable on each order download available.

  • Set auto expiry date for order attachment ( Download link Expire)

  • Enable attachment on Product page.

  • Any type attachments you can attach with order

  • Add Attachment in all products.

Hope this above points helps to you!