WooCommerce product attributes values details to popup on roll-over

Hello, dear professionals and enthusiast WP developers! :slight_smile:
Can you please help me a little with this task…

At WooCommerce single product page there are info tab “attributes” where all setted to product attributes and their values are appear. But if those values have detailed info - it can be shown only at new page - what a real annoying! So I want to show all product attributes values detail info at the same page as single product - it pop-up balloons on roll-over on value text or something like that. (Links behaviour can be saved as it already works.) Can any one help with code for this purpose??

For page loading optimisation maybe better to dont load all product values details immediately, but load them on mouse roll-over?

For professional as you it must be really easy, so - please, help!

No any ideas?! Developers are out of this forum??? :frowning: