WooCommerce price filter not showing !

Hi everybody, i am creating my theme for WordPress and i encountered a very strange error. Actually i added theme support for woocommerce in my theme and i created a template page for the shop products. then in my functions.php page i added a sidebar that i am using on that product template page. the problem is that i added the woocommerce price filter widget to the sidebar in the dashboard and that widget is not showing up in the sidebar. every other widget is showing correctly.

Any guess where i’ve gone wrong ?

Thank you.

i think, price filter only shown on products category by default

Any idea how i could create a product categories template page ?

Thank you.

Hi, I have found a solution for this:

I used bookable products. The price filter isn´t showing as widget on my shop page.

As solution, I have created a custom field (with the plugin advanced custom fields) and named it _price. When I add via this custom field to each product a price, the filter is showing and working.

I hope, that is explained well. If not, please reply.