woocommerce plugin to allow multiple customers on same order

Hey guys,
Does someone know about a plugin which allows more customers to add products to a single order?

Let me explain you what a friend of mine who has a catering & food delivery business told me.
He delivers food to companies, for their employees. The problem is that everyday a person from that company has to collect all the info (food preferences) from their colleagues and place the order. It’s a hassle!!

Instead it would be cool if they could share the cart link and everyone would add his own products. And afterwards they place one single order. Do you think something like this exists already?

Hi Nastyraul,

Excellent idea! Why not you prefer a ready made online food ordering and delivery script, which are available in marketplace sites. All you have to do is buy and customize the script in your own brand name. Providing a better solution.

Good idea I’m interesting to find a solution for your request :wink: