Woocommerce Plugin / Text generator for vinylstickers

I am looking for a code/plugin/html/php/whatever to realise a textmaker to create stickers like in the picture.
Customers should have the options: size, color, font, standard/mirrored. When they enter a text it should be previewed on the page. In the backend I must have the abbility to configure the usable options by my self, so that I can decide which font, color and size is selectable for the user. Also I want to set the prices dependent on the sizes. All I found till now is only for label stickers or clothes.

It should look like this page: http://www.decalfx.com/custom_decal_preview.php but with connection to woocommerce in the optimal case.

Can someone help me please?

Thank you!
Greetings, André

Hello Andre, i think i got your requirements you need basically a canvas that you can select T Shirt and type something in with custom font and colors and sizes and add to cart based on what user select it should ask for price lets say if User select Lato font, 14px size with grey color lets say it will cost them $5 extra + t shirt price, is this something you’re looking for ? if yes let me know or you need something else ?



yes, something like this. But not for T-Shirts. Just for text from that I will make a sticker off then.
Similar to the mentioned website.

Free field for text (with limit)
Selectable fonts
Free field for size of the sticker (with limit)
Selectable color
Selectable quantity
Price (size + color + quantity)
Button “add to cart” (woocommerce)

Perfect, please find attached video this is most recent and almost same work you are looking for this we build in apps and can be done in website too, consider this t shirt as only background and please have a look at customization of text like font color size etc, please check Pixels too like where you want it to set like X and Y Coordinates and there is the flow of add to cart too.



please let me know your budget about building this tool, because i believe you need to make it work custom way, just let me know your thoughts