Woocommerce Plugin hard rejected

Hello, can anyone give me a feedback what to do better? Why it was hard rejected? Documentation & demo

Hi there,

The plugin seems fine and it’s obvious you put some work in it - I think the main issue is that it’s too simple / basic so it will probably be difficult to sell and thus not a great addition to the marketplace.

I suggest you try to look at it from a business perspective: look at other popular “product addons” plugin and consider what features you could do and what options your plugins could have in order to be competitive / more attractive to a customer than those plugins.

For example, why some customer would buy you, and not this plugin? [link removed]
It can be some unique features, or it can be similar features but more premium design, etc. But there need to be some compelling reasons.

It’s also important to follow all these requirements, line by line: https://help.author.envato.com/hc/en-us/articles/360000510603-WordPress-Plugin-Requirements

Hello, I write plugin from scratch to meet all requirements. Please give me some feedback [https://wckalkulator.com/](https://Documentation & Demo v.1.1.0)

The plugin will soon be available for free in the Wordpress repository - search for “WC Kalkulator” or Visit plugin’s page. Regards.