Woocommerce Mega Menu Plugin

Hi friend,
Every woocommerce Site Need a Multifunction dropdown Megamenu With Image option ,Slideout In mobile divices.Some common features.

2.Slideout in mobile
3.Edit stylesheet for own style.
4.Multi coloum Mega Dropdown
5.Image in background
6.Support all browser
7.All function in one plugin

I’d recommend Suppa Menu to you - http://codecanyon.net/item/suppa-multipurpose-wordpress-mega-menu/7265033

Thank You For Suggestion.But I need some More advance menu.

Wordpress Theme Like(http://themeforest.net/item/bishop-all-in-one-ecommerce-corporate-theme/8079396) Its menu

Or homeshop18/flipkart.com like Mega dropdown menu

It’s not clear what you think the menu plugin isn’t capable of doing. I don’t see anything it’s incapable of. All I see is that the links to demos you’ve provided display different menu implementations. Neither demo is an exhaustive demostration of all features.

If you can more specifically articulate your needs then I’m pretty sure the author could tell you more definitively whether it’s possible or not to do what you are wanting.

You can contact the author here (may need to scroll down to see the Email field) - http://codecanyon.net/user/codetemp?WT.ac=item_profile_text&WT.z_author=codetemp

If it’s not immediately possible, it’s also pretty the likely that it could be make to work how you want after purchase. In any event, good luck! :slight_smile:

Hello, im Francisco from QuadLayers

We are working on the woocommerce functionality in QuadMenu

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