Woocommerce – how to editing the shop page?

Hello guys,

we are using the Hugo Theme by Beautheme. We started to open up a shop on our website. The settings are done but now i have an issue because of the shop site. I asked the dev of the theme but they have no chance to help me at the moment and they told me to ask here in that forum.

Is it possible to customize the default shop page? Now its only showing tickets but i would like to have show something like recent products or so and much more important: first view should show categories.

So that we are now ablte to show first categories like “Tickets” and merchandise and so on.

Maybe there is a way to add a sidebar like in news page, too?

Best regards

I could provide paid support - this would a customization job. In case of interest, you can contact me via here or at Studio

Categories to be shown is something that theme supports, you do nto need to pay anyone who advertise services.
it is below the WooCommerce settings.

Regarding your recent products, the Shop Page, does show those into the loop first, so why show them 2 times?
Yes a sidebar should be possible from the theme options most probably

When i change these settings for categories to show categories nothing happens :confused: