WooCommerce Global Text Add-on (turnaround times) Plugin for individual Products

Hi There! I’m looking for a plugin that does exactly what WooCommerce’s Global Add-On does. Except, there’s one thing missing. I need the option to add text to the individual products, but globally.

WooCommerce’s Global Add-On allows checkmarks, input fields, uploads, etc. But it has no option for the administrator to add additional text to the individual product page, right above the add to cart button. We need to add various turnaround times to certain categories.

Basically, we need a plugin that allows us to advertise, in red text, our turnaround times right above the “add to cart” button on individual woocommerce products.

I’m looking for this plugin to be listed for sale on codecanyon, by it’s author (whomever decides to make this plugin) so it’s available to be purchased by any e-commerce store that desperately needs a way to advertise their turnaround times for items. This way the author can maintain the plugin and provide support to users after each time WooCommerce & WordPress rolls out updates.

Please let me know if anyone’s interested… and if so, the link to where I can buy your plugin on code canyon! :slight_smile: