Woocommerce - exporting user data and invoices to new site? can pay for help

Hi there,

Would anyone have information on how I can export all my client data and invoices etc. to my new woocommerce website.

I have input all products, but just need to migrate all the ‘users’ + ‘orders’ to my new site.

Happy to pay for help with this :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance for any info :slight_smile:

Hi Amber,

Yes it is possible.

I can guide you. I have some question:-

  1. Is that old website is still live ?
  2. Do you have complete access of that old website ?
  3. Can I have the website URL of both the website ?



Of course you can

What is the type of source cart you want to migrate from ?

Search for “LitExtension” service, their supports may help you